Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just Because

Taylor loves to dress nice. The children have certain jobs that they so for the week then we change on Saturdays. Her job this week was setting and clearing the table before and after every meal.

She decided to get out the nice tablecloth and fancy glasses for an ordinary Wednesday dinner. She proceeded to direct all the other children (except Aaron because he was still puking) to clean up all the toys and change their clothes to look nice and match. The all washed their faces and brushed their hair.

When Sean got home Ian was waiting on the porch and bowed to him and said, "Welcome, Sir"

Then when Sean came in the front door Ruby and Taylor curtsied and Erik took his bag and coat and said, "This way sir, please wash your hands and be seated at the table."

If only we could make him feel this special and revered every day!

I love the follow through that Taylor has, she made them practice their lines and taught Ruby how to curtsy.

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