Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ruby is a funny girl. This morning when I got her up she asked to look at my footnails and promised to not pick the polish off (she likes to try to pick it off of my toes). She definitely has her own style pictured in this post are just 2 of her many different outfits that she likes to wear. I think she is really lucky because just a few years ago I would not let my children out of the house unless they matched. I guess my priorities are more in line now.

I had a revelation this week, It is much easier and more successful to home school if you are home (you might say,"Duh") Our Keeper group got canceled this week due to more snow and Syndi is not feeling well so our American Revolution day with Ben was postponed as well and I was able to get every thing on my list done and take a much needed nap while the children played quietly in the boys' room.
I also discovered that real, immediate, tangible rewards are a great incentive for the children to do their work independently. Now, you may think we have had a marvelous week. Alas, it is not so. We are still struggling with attitude and immediate compliance as well as an unnamed son that values his possessions above all else. But we are making huge strides and I feel like I can do this.
Please keep Sean and the children in your prayers for peace and joy this weekend while I am off to an Above Rubies retreat with 6 great ladies!

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