Saturday, March 28, 2009

Triple Bunk

Well folks, here it is! The incredible triple bunk bed that my husband put together in 2 days time! The ladder is on the end and they climb to their respective bunks.
One of the greatest space savers for a home schooling mother of 7 in a 1200 square foot house!
Erik is in the middle and likes to flip out the side and Ian is on the bottom and still has a crib mattress but desperately needs a twin.
This bed is sturdy and looks like it is going to stand the test of 3 boys. Not much else around here does. I can totally understand Stacy's Blog (with great joy) about boys and their destruction. I do want you to notice that there is not a single Lego in the picture, that is only because I just vacuumed and threatened 'toy jail' to any offending Lego's.


Stacy said...

That looks GREAT!!!

Hilary said...

I love it! How much would he charge to build another? :)

Barker Musings said...

That bed is awsome. He should post it on Craigslist and he might get orders to make another.

Rebecca M said...

I am so impressed with this bed! Or these beds, I should say!

We have been discussing the possibility of building a toddlersized bunk bed that would fit crib mattresses but a triple bunk bed would last so much longer!

Right now we have a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old in a bunk bed with little sister in a toddler bed in the same room. Since #5 is on the way and our fourth child will need to move out of his crib, we are considering our options!!

Are your ceilings normal height..?