Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Libby was laughing at Erik and I just couldn't resist her cute dimples. I weighed her yesterday and at 10 1/2 weeks she weighs 10 pounds 12 oz, exactly what Aaron weighed when he was born!! Today started off great! Aaron always loves MOPS days because he gets to spend time with Ben! I laughed when I dropped him off because Ben came out to greet Aaron wearing all Camo and had a Camo mask on carrying his gun. Aaron got out of the van with a Camo hat, Rollerblades and a b.b. gun. Where else but with home school boys will they know it is ok to bring a gun to someones house to play?
We went shopping after MOPS and I got a call from Syndi, Aaron was puking all over! What can I say she was so gracious she just said, "it is ok, I have a carpet cleaner." Again, I think we need to make shirts that say "We Puke" I have never met another family that pukes as much as we do. I made sure that he had his bucket and knew to not try to make it to the bathroom. (when he has tried that in the past he gets his bed, the ladder, Erik's bed and Ian's bed, and the floor in between).

Erik and Ian were helping me peel potatoes for dinner it took them about 45 minutes and 15 gallons of water to peel 2 potatoes. I kept them busy and helping. I guess when you peel potatoes you need to take your shirt off. I was surprised at how nervous the children were when I bought beer today at the store. I like to cook my corned beef in beer and it goes really well with beer bread. Taylor did not like it at all that we had 2 beer bottles in our recycle bin. I assured them that they would not get drunk by eating the bread and corned beef because the alcohol cooks off but they were still uncertain. I am glad and don't think I will push that issue.

Erik and Ruby loved helping make the pistachio pie. I never knew that you put the whole beater in your mouth to get the stuff off. The funny thing is Erik does not like to conform to society's standards. When I told him that it was St. Patrick's Day and you are supposed to wear green he carefully went through his closet and picked a shirt that was NOT green.

Ruby helped me make our traditional St. Patty's Day dinner, Corned Beef Brisket, Green mashed potatoes, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, and beer bread. I forgot to add the cabbage but that was ok with the children.

What St. Patrick's Day is complete without Pistachio pie? It was delicious!

I try to do things that are fun and create traditions but it was really hard for me because St. Patrick's Day was always a holiday that my dad enjoyed. His name was Patrick (Pat for short) and it was 2 years ago on St. Patrick's day that we had his memorial service. It is hard to believe how much he has missed (the birth of 2 of his granddaughters). Often we will notice things and Sean will comment that my dad would have gotten a kick out of it. I guess it never gets easier and is always close to the service.


Syndi said...

You are such a cool mom! Your kids will have fantastic memories. I really hope Aaron feels better. I LOVE that picture of Ruby!

Alliwoo said...

I miss you friend! I saw all the pics of the Rubies retreat on Hilary and Renee's site and you look just as beautiful as always! Sure wish we could go berry picking together this summer!