Saturday, March 21, 2009

Party & Pox

Ian woke up Thursday Morning, his 5th birthday with Chicken Pox. I was not sure at first but after careful inspection it was apparent he has a full blown case, in fact he has more than any of the other children ever had. I told him it was Jake's gift to him, since Jake had been exposed but as of yet has not developed them. I made him a green race care cake. I have some work to do on my decorating techniques, like plan ahead and don't frost the cake on the cooling rack. Also, make sure that you have enough candles for the cake luckily(or as Aaron says, "Luckfully") I used it as a home school lesson in simple addition, what is 3 + 2? The thing about Ian is he is just so full of joy and gives me grace abundantly that he was thrilled with his cake.

Geaba and Justin came up for the day and I was able to run a few errands and they had a great time playing. Libby got to hang out with Geaba for awhile while I was cooking dinner.
We are always so happy when Mikaela comes to visit it is great to see her with her little brother.

Ruby loved the whipped cream with our pancakes. She got caught trying to get more whipped cream for her cake, but it was all gone. She was not going to be detered and decided to suck the rest out!

I told Ian I loved him so much I was willing to stand in front of the stove for 1 1/2 hours making his birthday dinner request of roll-up pancakes (also know as Swedish pancakes) I have to remind the children that it is not a free for all eat as much as you can but slow down and enjoy them. As a mother and main cook in the house it is very frustrating to take the time to make a nice meal only to have it devoured in a matter of minutes!

By the end of the evening Ian was really not feeling well and had quite a few more spots. I would normally say that he is the healthiest of all my children but thinking back on it he has had more injuries than any of the others. His birthday always causes me to stop and think and Praise God for His provision and blessings in my life. I almost died when he was born so it is a reminder that God has given me 5 extra years and 2 more beautiful children. I am so grateful for the privilege of raising them and teaching them about our Savior.
I love my little Ian and his sweet tender heart.

At bedtime we noticed little Ruby with some 'chicken bumps' (a combination of chicken pox/goose bumps) Hers are definitely more mild but they do bother her, especially the ones around her mouth.


SRE said...

I'm think Ruby was trying to get high off of the nitrous in that bottle...

Renee #1 Dental Patient

Stacy said...

Ruby, too?

Fun to see you on Thursday-- what a fun surprise to see you!

Happy pox-days!

Jen said...

Is it twisted that I want my kids to come hang out with yours while they are still contagious?