Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Bloggy Carnival Giveaway Winner

OK I admit it I am a comment junkie! I love comments, I guess it makes me feel affirmed. I think another giveaway will be in the works soon just so I can get more comments. Leave me a comment that lets me know what kinds of things you comment on! I wanted to give a prize to everyone that entered but I had not made enough pumpkins so I don't want to promise something I have not done yet.
I did draw two winners and the winners are.............drum roll please.........
Verity and Chelsey if you leave me your contact info I will mail your cute little harvest pumpkins!
Thank you all who left comments and participating in my giveaway.


verity said...

Wow! I have never won anything so this has totally made me smile on my so far very blueish Monday! A great lunchtime pick me up :)

But I live in England :( So I am thinking it would be unfair to make the little pumpkins fly all the way over here and they should probably be donated for another lucky more local winner.

Thank you for making me smile on my Monday though - I love your blog - beautiful picture today!

shawn said...

I'll leave you a comment! I like checking in on what you are up to, now that I don't see you at MOPS and rarely at scrapbooking. :) I am glad everyone is doing well.

Carolynn said...

Verity, I would love to send you your little pumpkins, How fun to have them go so far! I am glad that I can cheer you up.
Shawn, good to hear from you I would love to see you again. Thanks for the comment.