Sunday, November 8, 2009

History Day

Syndi has so graciously offered to teach the Westward Movement, using Time Travelers, to my older children. I am so grateful for her and her willingness to use her skills and energy and bless us.
Look at those cute little teeth!
While Taylor and Aaron are at Syndi's, Tami and her children joined us for Five in A Row. We are currently studying Cranberry Thanksgiving. We made Cranberry Bread and set the table pretty for our guests.
We had a great discussion about character and despite that both girls said they would like to marry Mr. Horace. Ruby said it because in the book he has a pretty present with a pink bow. Isobel said she liked Mr. Horace because he looks nice. I guess we need to do more study on Character and what really matters.
I loved being able to teach with another pair of willing and able hands to help direct the children (Thanks so much Tami). We made 2 loafs of bread, a girls loaf and a boys loaf. We used the same recipe but they did not turn out the same ~ Hmmmmm? They did not even cook the same when they were in the oven at the same time.

My favorite part of the day was when everyone came here for lunch! I was so happy that everyone was able to do a full day of learning and have a great time, and Liberty was able to get a great nap in despite the activity.
Look at those cute cheeks, and that chin!
I realized that every time I post pictures of the twins it is mostly of Justice. This is not intentional and I do love them both, but Justice is always close by and Honor is off exploring. Justice is not as busy and likes to pose for the photos. He actually likes to see the picture even if you are still in the process of taking it! It makes me smile to think how different children of the digital age are.

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