Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gift of Time

I was able to spend Saturday with some wonderful women and I am so sorry that I do not have any photos to share with you. Every year Kelly treats her friends to a day spent preparing for the holiday season. Kelly apologized profusely that she was not going to pamper us as she has in years past. I must say that I did not hear any complaining, only compliments and appreciation for all that she did do. We had a wonderful time with a smaller group that allowed us to really talk and share together.
We enjoyed some delicious Frito boat chili, cheddar cheese scones, homemade bread, brownies, ice cream, cream puffs and my favorite candy bar: Take 5, and other goodies too numerous to count. I think I spent more time eating than working. And Kelly said it was going to be small this year!
This post cannot possible do justice to all the details that Kelly pays attention to. She remembers things about people that others see as insignificant: she knows who likes peppers, who doesn't like coffee, what is each persons favorite treat, snack, drink, or hobby. She has such a wonderful way of welcoming others into her home and her life. She is a person who is dependable and I feel like an anchor in my life, she has shared so many important milestones in my life.
She has such an amazing gift of hospitality an her husband encourages this gift by taking their 3 precious boys out while we have our time to be refreshed and encouraged. Thank you Steve! I was able to partake in this blessing because my husband graciously stayed home with our other 5 children for me to be gone ALL day. Thank you Sean.
I was able to glean some wonderful tidbits of wisdom from more experienced, gentle, peaceful and joyful women. Liberty did not want to miss out on our fellowship and sharing so she chose to sleep in very small increments throughout the day.
I even received the blessing of some uninterrupted time with my mom ~ precious and priceless.
Thank you Kelly for including me in your group of friends I am honored and privileged.

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Kelly C said...

It is always a treat to see you, Carolynn! Even though we see each other only once or twice a year, I love that we can launch right into things without hesitation. I appreciate your friendship!