Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Syndi found us our very own microscope at Value Village. It was new in the box and still wrapped in plastic. This is not a cheap $3 microscope, it is a good one. Unfortunately the light source on the microscope did not work.
I charged the light source, Sean took it apart and tried and we checked the Internet to see if we could buy the new part, no luck. I left the microscope on the end table and was trying to decide what we could do with it. There has to be a way. I said nothing to my children but Aaron really wanted to use the microscope. There is so much to see in eel grass and he wanted to see the lice that were on the prepared slides that came with the microscope.
I guess the 9 year old has a better chance of thinking outside the box. He got a mirror and a flashlight and used the light from the flashlight to reflect into the mirror and create his own light. It worked perfect!
Now how did he know how to do that?


Theresa said...

What a "bright" idea!!!

Syndi said...

Smart kiddo!