Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lotsa Learning Happening Around Here

Sorry for the blurry photo, I seem to be inept at picture taking lately. I guess I have other things on my mind..... We have been discussing salinity and discovered that an egg floats in salt water but sinks in fresh water. Which led us to a discussion about the Dead Sea. We discovered, much to the children's amusement, that if one were to pass gas in the Dead Sea copious amounts of salt will enter said orifice and will burn for a long time!
We were also discussing anemones and sponges and that they are porous and filter their food through the 'skin'. The celery in red dye shows how the celery absorbs the water all the way up the stock. Erik was concerned that we were poising the celery with Red Dye 40. I assured him that it really did not matter since we were not going to consume the celery.
The past couple of days we have had great field trips to the beach to try out our underwater view finder that Sean made for us! For actual photos and some great posts about our adventures visit Bakers Dozen and Syndiluhu, they both remembered their cameras and their batteries. I was actually glad that I did not have my camera when we were climbing over some treacherous rocks to view a dead seal. Trying to balance with the baby in the Ergo and helping Ruby over the rocks and not jab myself in the eye with the low hanging branches was no easy feat. Renee had to sacrifice a small child in order to protect her camera. Hey, a child will heal but a camera won't!


SRE said...

Oops, you saw that save?! Hey, he didn't even have a bruise...I checked.


Theresa said...

Good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have moved way up the "cool" scale with the new info on breaking wind in the dead sea. The boys have run off to tell their dad.