Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taylor is Twelve

It is hard to believe that 12 years have passed so quickly. I remember how difficult Taylor was as a toddler and her cute little pig tails when she was a little girl. Now, here is my right hand, my helper and she is already 12. Twelve is such an interesting age; she loves animals (snakes, hermit crabs, kittens), she collects dolls, loves to color, has both an Ipod and Barbies on her birthday list. Taylor has friends who are 8 and friends who are 14 (even one 17 year old).
Taylor takes good care of her siblings and has a lot of responsibility. She was even happy with the remaining Nemo cake and 12 cool candles. It takes awhile to light 12 candles. It takes even longer to light 12 candles when your 9 year old brother accidentally blows out the candles every time he blows out the match.
After history we had a small celebration with friends and another celebration with family. Saturday is her friend party and we are really looking forward to that.
We have a tradition that on your birthday you get to choose your meals for the day. For breakfast she requested Funnel Cakes and Strawberry Smoothies,Lunch consisted of Sloppy Joes and fish crackers, and for dinner we dined on Teriyaki Chicken (also known as Taylor Chicken), Cooked Carrots, Rice, and Pot Stickers (Ruby calls them 'Hot Stickers').

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