Saturday, November 28, 2009


I enjoy celebrating with friends and family and due to circumstances in all of our lives we were unable to get together with others for Thanksgiving. Mikaela had to work as well and could not make it for dinner. I really struggled with my attitude but with God's help I was able to focus on the positive and on all of our blessings.
I have found that directing the children even on weekends and holidays makes for a more peaceful and productive day. I decided that we would write poems of gratitude. I walked the children through the process step by step and word by word. Here are our results:
Ian wrote:
Warm, Fun
Welcoming, Feeds, Provides
We like to learn
The Slocum's

Aaron's is as follows:
Sharing, Kind
Responsible, Trust-Worthy, Patient
Fun to Play with

Erik wrote about our next door neighbor (she lets him take his frogs for a walk in her yard, and let them swim in her wheel barrow).
Ms. J
Kind, Sharing
Helpful, Friendly, Forgiving
She cares for us

Taylor's poem came together easily for her but was much more difficult to actually get on paper.
Mrs. H
Teaches, Employs
Shares, Listens, Helps
She is very kind
Ben's mom

I think that this was a very good exercise! We will definitely need to continue practice writing poetry, I like focusing on the people and things that we are thankful for and for all the things we have rather than the things we do not have.

I had a great time the day after Thanksgiving, I was able to meet up with Mikaela for some Black Friday shopping and lunch. I cherish the time we have together!


Syndi said...

Awwww! Those are priceless! Your children melt my heart.

We are so thankful for the blessing of your family.

Alliwoo said...

Did you find a replacement rice cooker?

Carolynn said...

Thanks Syndi, We are thankful for your family too!
Alison, I did get a rice cooker at Goodwill for $5! It is just like my old one~Score.