Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taylor's Victorian Tea Party

Taylor loves to dress up. Often she has the family dress for dinner, or she makes the boys change their clothes and put on a tie to play a game. She has been talking about having a Ball for several years now. I was adamantly opposed to a ball, so when I found a book at Goodwill about how to host a Victorian Christmas Tea Party, I knew I had found my salvation! Taylor was very excited about the idea. I realized soon after we started planning that our home would not accommodate all the guests. We had decided on a Mother - Daughter Tea. I started checking out our options and there were none, unless I was going to rent a reception hall.

Syndi came up with the wonderful idea of hosting the party at her mother in law's house. Peggy eagerly agreed and opened her home to us with such love and generosity! We are awed by her graciousness and the beauty of her home. My mom, upon entering her house, exclaimed, "It is a feast for my eyes!"

Peggy's home was the perfect location and atmosphere for Taylor's Tea.

I know they say imitation is the finest form of flattery. Both Taylor and Kimberly wanted me to do their hair the same as I had done mine. How come theirs looked so much better than mine?

I must apologize that I was very busy at the party and failed to take photos of all the guests. You can get a sampling of how beautiful all the girls looked by the photos I did take.

One of the most interesting facts about the party was how quiet and polite all the girls were. There was an atmosphere of awe and beauty that permeated all the way to the girls' behavior. At one point I wondered if they were all having fun. I was assured that the party was wonderful!

I appreciate Taylor's friendship with each and every girl who attended. She carefully chose each mother and daughter who were to attend. I love that she included Hannah who is 5 all the way to Keziah who is 17! I think that twelve must be an age where life changes drastically! Taylor was as happy and excited about the Playmobile as she was about the clothes, gel pens, and camera. She was thrilled to get a new journal and immediately began working on her journaling pin for Keepers. I appreciate the innocence as well, Taylor does not like to misspell words so she dictates to me every night what she wants written in her journal.

I could not have pulled off the party without everyone who helped so much! First, Peggy who offered not only her home, but her china, and lovely decorations and time. Syndi, who pays attention to all the details and gently instructs me in the way I should go. Syndi also helped with all the decorating and clean up not to mention all the beautiful tea cups, saucers and tree that she brought! My mom who saved me. When I was looking at the 4 layer cake that I had not yet decorated my mom rescued me by getting Taylor a beautiful cake from the bakery (Thank you so very much for lightening my load). Jess who always takes care of the things that need to be taken care of and washing the dishes after the party! Last but definitely not least for Mikaela who carried everything out to the van after the party. I would have been overwhelmed, instead I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity I was shown.
Kalina and Jubilee at tea.

Taylor was very careful to avoid getting chocolate on her gloves.

My oldest daughter, Mikaela and my momm.
Two beautiful and important women in my life.

Taylor, Kimberly and Ruby decorated Peggy's tree. Apparently you can not have too many pearls on your tree. Ruby spent the entire party rearranging the ornaments.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Taylor's Victorian Tea Party looks so pretty and fun, I am sure Taylor loved it thoroughly! For my daughter’s upcoming birthday I've also looked all around for the themes and liked this one the most. Will surely use this idea for her. Will also be reserving one of the outdoor LA event venues too.