Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where's Erik?

I have been joking that everyone in our family needs to have a shirt that reads, "Where's Erik?"

Really, it is not a joke. I must say that 82 times a day. The thing is He is ALWAYS doing something. He wears this shirt every chance he gets! He loves that his frogs blend in with the frogs on his shirt.

He really does not like to 'do' school. He wants to read fluently and until he can he does not want to try. If you tell him something counts toward earning rank for scouts he is all over it! He had to make corn bread and as I was teaching him I showed him how to level the flour. He proceeded to dump out the flour and remeasure what I had just measured. He really did make the corn bread ALL BY HIMSELF!
There is no way in a million years I could begin to tell you all the random rules we have had to come up with to prevent him from..... well from whatever you name it, burning down the house, breaking an appendage, taking apart the car, toaster, lawnmower. You get the idea.

He is very smart and talks almost non stop. He will discuss the gravitational pull of the moon in the same breath as him beating the world record for hot dog eating.

During our circle time we have been reading about and praying for people who are persecuted for their faith. Last week we were praying for pastors in India and Erik said that he wanted to pray for our pastor. He had the sweetest prayer for our pastor whose name is Ryoichi. He prayed that God would strengthen and encourage Pastor Luigi! I am glad that God knows who he is talking about and does not confuse our Japanese Canadian Pastor with the character from Mario Cart.

Erik's goal is to set as many world records as he can think of. One must give him credit for his self esteem. We continually learn memory verses about humbling ourselves, serving others, overcoming selfishness. I often feel God gave me this child so that I could not become too proud of my abilities as a mother, or a teacher.

I love him. He challenges me. He makes me grow. He offers me much opportunity to be on my knees in prayer for him (and me!).

Psalm 105:4-5

Seek the Lord and His strength;

Seek His face continually.

Remember His wonders which He has done,

His marvels, and the judgments uttered by His mouth.

Children are a blessing and a heritage and I pray that I can always treat them as such.

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