Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keepers and Contenders

Can I say it again? I love my group of friends! I love the similar ideas and goals we share. I love their respectful children. I love learning together. Once a month we meet together to learn about being Contenders of the Faith (boys) and Keepers at Home (girls). I apologize that I do not have any photos of the boys but trust me they have at great time and Jason does a wonderful job instructing them, keeping them in line, and having fun together.
As mom's we take turns teaching the girls. We usually pick something that we are interested in or want to learn. Deanna is an amazing cook and shared her skills (and recipes!) with us. The girls made some delicious pumpkin tart lets (from home made pumpkin puree), and nutmeg whipping cream.

Raylene is one of the youngest girls and well on her way to becoming proficient in the kitchen. The moms stay with the girls and help them out during the meeting. It is a chance for us to connect with each other and help where we are able.

Tami is so gifted with seeing a need and filling that need. When our group started it was much too big and we had too many young children confined to a small space for a large amount of time. We have adjusted the needs of the group and are now blessed with just the right amount for our space. Tami takes these cute little girls and gives them activities to occupy their time constructively.

Jess is so thoughtful and made an extra batch of these wonderful treats and sent them home with Tami as a blessing for all of her hard work.
Taylor shared hers with us and blessed some neighbors with the rest. I love her generosity and thoughtfulness to others.

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