Monday, November 16, 2009

Nemo Party

Surprise! You were told that you had a lot of work to do today after I got back from my appointment. My appointment was actually at home setting up for a surprise party for the children.
Syndi and I have been trying to have this party for a few weeks now but, alas, the children have not been well so we kept rescheduling my appointment.
They were truly surprised when they came home to a house decorated for a Nemo party!
The children had to jump through the field of jellyfish!
What is a party without lots of food! We even gave the children their own bubbles (Sprite). Ruby and Erik actually asked if they had to drink it! They said the bubbles hurt their nose.

We incorporated a pop quiz into the party. The children had to answer marine biology related questions to receive glow sticks and marine life themed wash cloths.

Crush and his son Squirt joined in the party and loved watching themselves in the movie.

I can't tell you how many times I have watched the movie but I still find it funny and hear new jokes every time. This time I caught that the other sharks' name was Chum, and Gill referred to the puffer fish as Bloat Boy.

Ben and Erik found Nemo and Dori in what proved to be a more difficult hide and seek game than I anticipated.
I had a treasure hunt complete with clues all around the house that led to the coveted prize of, well I don't really remember what the prize was.... it doesn't matter it was fun!

We had a bubble blowing contest. My poor neglected children were not sure if you were supposed to eat the gum. Erik said, "I can't get this chewed! It is too hard to swallow."

No party is complete without a cake! We had the complete aquarium with fish, rocks, worms and seaweed.

Aaron loved all the different food and toward the end of the party figured out that the fish flakes were actually cereal.
I think that this is a school day the children won't soon forget.


verity said...

Wow this looks amazing! I am in awe of your creativity here - the sausage octopus look fab!

Theresa said...

What fun!!!!