Thursday, October 9, 2008

Basket Party

On Sunday I got to spend the day with a wonderful group of ladies. My friend Rebecca has been hosting the parties for the past 15 years! I won the basket case award because I have been at the last 14 of the 15 years. Me, Rebecca and Marla

Marla took a few photos of me in the studio where the party was held. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that I still have 3 months to go. Ian told me that I need a prettier dress than this one. I guess it is hard to please everyone.
Marla and I really enjoyed our time together. I would have to say this was one of my favorite parties and the group of women were a lot of fun!

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Barker Musings said...

Wow look at your tummy. You are so cute. I can't believe it is only 3 months. But then I can't believe Ellie is already 4 months either