Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swimmer Tree Frog

Yes, that is his real name, Swimmer Tree Frog. Erik found this frog about 2 weeks ago and he has been living with us ever since. Erik catches living flies for it twice a day and Swimmer kills and eats them. Erik had the local librarian help him look up refrence books on tree frogs and he consults the books daily. One of the books shows how to train your tree frog and I think he has really trained this frog, hard to believe. The above photo is of swimmer perched on a Jesus figurine. Erik will take the frog down to the pond for a swim and the frog comes back and jumps back in Erik's hand. I did not want a dog because I did not want to have to take it for a walk and here I am taking a frog to the pond.

I really did not think that Swimmer would last this long but Erik is doing a great job and is even thinking about selling more frogs for those that want them. He checks on his frog a thousand times and day and really loves him. He changes Swimmer's habitat regularly as well. Swimmer has lived in a large tin can, a tool box, an egg carton, a 8 X8 wooden box with a plastic lid, and most recently has taken up residence in our butterfly habitat.

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