Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doesn't homeschool mean you are home?

Last week we enjoyed another glorious fall day and went on a hike with the cub scouts from Blodel-Donovan to Whatcom Falls Park it was beautiful. The cast does not slow Ian down much.
I know I have one with a broken leg but hey, they like to climb trees and these were just too close together to resist. That's Erik jumping and Everett getting ready to climb and jump!
How many children can you fit in a double stroller. I dug out my stroller for the hike and Hezekiah was too tired to walk back so he hitched a ride and Mordecai decided that was a good idea. Ruby didn't seem to mind being surrounded by so many cute boys. Taylor was a little frustrated trying to push such a heavy stroller especially with the cute little 'helpers' Kalina and Jubilee love to help with Ruby. Notice Tami in the back carrying Bell because she let Renee use the wonderful ergobaby carrier for Tucker.

Later in the week we had craft day at the Hutching's. Ruby was such a good helper with Honor. I hope she likes our baby this much! She feels the baby kicking and says I feel Honor kicking.

Aaron and Justin had fun and were very thorough with their fall crafts. Deanna is amazing with her organization and preparation.

Ian looked so sweet to me working so hard on putting the glue and glitter just where they were supposed to go. We then enjoyed lunch with The Overstreets, Hutchings, and Erik's friend Adara and her mom Teri Lyn.

This week we are even busier. Monday we had Cub Scouts, Tuesday was MOPS and I have to work, Wed is my glucose test (UGH) and Ian goes back for the 3 week X ray to see how he is healing. We are also bringing Dinner to a new mom, Thursday is the Chiropractor and Library, and Friday is the Apple Farm tour and picking apples. Oh yeah, Sean's sister is supposed to come visit for the weekend too!!
That's why we love homeschooling!

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