Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday we went to get Ian's leg checked. It is not often that I can say I really like a doctor but I love the Staff at Dr. Woo's office! Ian's cast was quite dirty and broken down, they had to build up the area around the foot and Ian wanted glow in the dark so the nurse redid the foot. She then told me that I could leave all the kids and go make the follow up appointment. While I was still making the appointment she brought everyone out and Ian had a whole new cast!! Actually it was over the old cast but clean and new. She said that the children did not like how the cast looked with part green and part glow in the dark so she made it all the same. What a lady!! Ian couldn't wait to go to bed to see his leg glow. Thank goodness we only have 5 more weeks.
By the way, the shirt is a hand me down from my good friend Shella. It is supposed to go with a Woody costume but Ian really likes how it looks with his 'suit coat'. This is everyday attire for him.
I bought some really good maze puzzles but with the way my children tear through them I couldn't bear for them to be one time use books. So I went to office max and bought some transparencies (I am sure I paid too much) and they place the transparency over the maze and do the puzzles with dry erase marker. Sometimes I have good ideas.

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