Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fire Mountain

I guess it has been a few weeks now, but the boys still are talking about what a great day they had with Papa at Fire Mountain. I think a man in uniform is pretty handsome, especially my little men. Aaron is a Bear Cub Scout now, and Erik is a Tiger Cub. I love our Scout Pack and really enjoy all the other home school families.
Aaron couldn't get enough of the climbing wall and easily made it all the way across.

Erik is extremely determined and does not want his older brother to out perform him on anything. You can see the determination written all over his face.

Perseverance is key and obviously the hand hold is well out of reach but he preserved until he made it.

Aaron can't seem to get enough weather it be throwing knives, shooting BB guns, doing Archery, fishing, and spending time with papa so this day at fire mountain was heaven on earth for him. I love this serene picture of two of my boys enjoying the moment. My prayer for them is that they can always be best friends and depend on each other in all circumstances.

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