Saturday, October 11, 2008


Alas, no photos my husband has the 2 older boys at a cub scout event and took the camera with him. I am hoping he actually took pictures.
Last night after a full day of a field trip to an apple farm, shopping at the local consignment store, picking apples at a different farm, tending to the bees and the children, making dinner and doing laundry I sat down and noticed the contractions that I had been feeling off and on all day were coming on much stronger so I timed them for a half and hour and I had 10 contractions in that amount of time. After a call to the Doctor we went in to labor and delivery and they monitored me for a few hours. Sean sat in the van with the kids because half of them were sleeping. He read to the ones that were still awake. The contractions were strong enough to show on the monitor but not enough that they wanted to do anything about it. So I was checked for infection and sent home for some much needed rest.
I am still experiencing some contractions today but not as intense. I am so thankful for this baby and the life that God has created in me. Please pray for continued health and a full-term baby. Our God is sovereign and this is a reminder to me to trust Him in all things.

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