Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tomahawks and Knives

We figure that making our house more fun than everywhere else and teaching them how to do things safely is the way to go. Erik is so happy to be home throwing knives that there is no desire to go do things that aren't safe and that are not under our watchful eyes!! Great idea.
Yes, even with a cast and a wheel chair you can throw knives.

Papa figured out what makes the boys happy and what makes me happy, so for every throw they have to do a math problem. Yeah math and exercise at the same time.

Look at the excitement on that face, I love the action shot.

Yes that is right, the new thrill at our house is throwing Tomahawks and Knives. We ordered some from and the rest from and the children love it!! They are actually really good at it. It is not as easy as it might seem. I tried my hand at it and pretty much can't do it. I broke several handles and completely missed the target. I guess I will get better with time, but probably won't out throw the boys anytime soon.

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