Saturday, October 18, 2008

historical Harvest Party

Syndi planned a historical harvest party for their homeschool friends. It was a potluck dinner with delicious desserts. I attempted (with the children) to make carmel apples. I even used my favorite Honey Crisp apples and Taylor used lots of sprinkles. The carmel did not stay on very well but they were still delicious. We even had some guests at our party. Officer Landis and a gentleman that was riding along with him came for dinner and dessert. We had pot roast and potatoes, beef barley stew, salad, biscuits, and lots of other delicious comfort food.
While the rest of us played Tiger in the middle or deer in the head lights, Geaba played playdough with Ruby and Ian. Ruby had a hard time realizing that playdough does not taste like cookies.

Evan's dad, Greg, found other uses for the carmel that had slid off of the apples. He used it as a topping for the rice crispy treats, made the apple pie into carmel apple pie, and just ate it straight.

Syndi made the pie in honor of Ben's character who was alive in the Depression Era. It was a delicious 'apple' pie but it had no apples in it. It was made with ritz crackers and you really could not tell the difference. Hmmmmm? How does that work?

Ian came in costume as Johnny Appleseed but decided against giving his presentation.

Taylor did a very well done skit on Elizabeth Fry who changed the prison systems in Europe. She is very specific about what she wants to wear and this was her prison garb.

Evan was a union soldier and was quite entertaining. He even shared the lap book that he made after a family trip back east. They went to a lot of the famous battle sites. His favorite was Gettysburg.

Aaron and Erik were the Wright Brothers. The bike was a prop that the boys love to take apart like Wilber and Orville to study how things work. Aaron told Erik what to say and it went very well. Unlike last time when Erik flat-out refused to go on stage. Aaron had forgotten his script at home and Papa took him home to get them. What a guy! It saved the whole evening.

Ben was Wilson Rawls, one of my favorite authors. He wrote Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. He did a fantastic job and even gave the presentation with a southern drawl.
Syndi had fun games and great decorations and even had pumpkins for the children to paint. They had a great time and wonderful fellowship!!

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