Sunday, October 19, 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention

Aaron has been coughing a lot lately and had a runny nose. I guess he got tired of us continually telling him to go blow his nose and then to take the time to throw the used tissues away. I was quite impressed when he came out from getting yet another box of tissues and had this one tied around his waist with a sarong from the dress up box. It was complete with the garbage sack and leatherman (because you never know when you need a leatherman).
I had to laugh because just recently I told my friend Syndi how much I admired her son Ben and all his creative inventions. I told her I thought that was an important part of the learning and growing, especially with homeschooling. She encouraged me and reminded me of all the parts of inventions that my children come up with, they just don't usually make them functional or always complete them.

He wore his 'runny nose helper' most of the day and it really worked because he actually blew his nose often and most important, threw his tissues away.

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Syndi said...

What an ingenious invention! Your kids are VERY creative. I think Ben may want to copy this one.