Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feeding the Bees

I am so thankful that Sean has taken an interest in the 'girls' He is currently taking a beekeeping class on becoming an apprentice beekeeper. There really is a lot to learn and it is quite fascinating. One thing I have learned is that feeding the bees can be quite expensive. In the last 10 days Sean has made sugar syrup for the bees several times. You need to feed them before winter comes if they don't have enough honey stored (which they don't because of the swarm). The winter solution is more concentrated than the spring but still, he has used up 157 cups of sugar.
Granted I do not agree but still I guess I understand why the commercial guys use High Fructose Corn Syrup. Did you know that they can sell organic honey even if the bees were fed on that junk? It appals me, Really it does!

Look at this man, he loves taking care of the bees. He keeps a journal of their activity, takes classes, attends the beekeeping meetings, and spends quite a bit of money on them. He even loves the smell of the propolis on his hands. All this from a guy who thought I was crazy to start on the bee endeavor and when we went to pick up the bees he said I was nuts.
I do miss getting in the hive- not literally- but the bee suit does not fit at this point and they do not know the effects of bee stings on unborn babies.

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